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What we are known for?

  • Customer service is what we are known for
  • Fast call out times, we won’t keep you waiting
  • We are knowledgeable on all the latest garage door and gate products
  • We have the best garage door rates nationwide
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What you can expect?

  • If you have a broken gate then we can fix it
  • Fixing your garage is made easy using us
  • We can help you with customized garage doors and gates
  • We service and install all garage door and gate systems
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High Quality Garage Door Service


We are known for delivering fast and reliable garage door and gate repair and installation services. We like to not keep our clients waiting so you will always find our employees like to keep to your schedule.


We like to get feedback from our customers, this not only keeps our standards high but it makes sure we retain our customer service so you get the best treatment possible as a customer.


All of our technicians will be attentive and polite, they will listen to you explain the issue you are having with your garage door and gate and make sure it’s fixed and serviced before they leave.


We make it as easy as possible for billing once the job is complete, you can pay by credit card or cash and we will give you a full invoice and receipt of all the work completed and our techs will have a service record of your garage door.

Customer Feedback


We really were happy with how our door was installed, the garage door installers were extremely nice and they worked hard to make sure the job was finished that day working late in to the night.


My electric gate came off the tracks after my son hit it with his car, I tried to fix it myself but I could not manage it. I called these guys and they managed to get it back on the tracks with ease and give it a tune up, job well done.


If you need a garage opener repaired then call this company, they are not only very friendly but quick to come out and get the work done so you can get on with your day.

  • Ask Our Staff

    “ Our expert staff is here to help you out with any questions you might have concerning your garage door or gate. Should you need advice on a new door or even a new garage door opening system, we can steer you in the right direction and help you get the best deal in town.”

    Walter Rose (Sales manager)

  • Stress Free Service

    “ We like to make things as easy as possible when it comes to using our services, simplicity lessens stress so the moment you talk with one of our staff members on the phone they will take you details down and listen to what problem you seem to be having. They will then call the local technician in your area and have them call you direct to confirm an appointment time to help you. ”

    Cherry Taylor (Service Manager)

  • Discounts and Deals

    “ If you have a certain garage door or opening system in mind that you wish to purchase then talk with our staff as they might be able to get you a better deal than you can at retail. We will also advise you on if the product will be good to suit your needs as some motors struggle to open heavy garage doors. We like to make sure you are not making more work for yourself by buying the wrong system.”

    Kevin Wilson (Service technician)